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Class2G performs a segregation of genes in two groups upon their expression and gives the probability of genes to belong to each group. Data could be ratio of gene's expression two conditions in microarray experiments, signal intensity of gene's expression in macroarray experiments, or signal intensity of gene's hybridization in the context of comparative genomique hybridization. Data set is analysed with a mixture model with two gaussian components. Class2G is a statistical package developped in the R language (based on the mclust R package) and a BASE interface developped in perl is available here.


The manual is written for biologists. It could be use with the BASE application.


The plugin could be download in a tar.gz format. Copy this file under your BASE plugin/bin directory and extract it.This plugin works with BASE 1.2.12 and should work with other BASE 1.2.x (not tested).


This package is copyright and is free for non commercial use. It is under Cecill-B license. There is no warranties about the results.


Lepage, E., Brinster, S., Caron, C., Ducroix-Crepy, C., Rigottier-Gois, L., Dunny, G., Hennequet-Antier, C. and Serror, P. (2006). Comparative genomic hybridization analysis of enterococcus faecalis: Identification of genes absent from food strains. Journal of Bacteriology. 188 6858-6868.


C. Hennequet-Antier, C. Caron and P. Serror