Projet ProteoRE

Design and implementation of a user-oriented web-based platform for proteomics data annotation and exploration

Concurrently with the increased simplicity associated with producing MS-based proteomics data, the bottleneck in many laboratories has shifted to reliable and reproducible interpretation of the data to extract meaningful knowledge. The ProteoRE (Proteomics Research Environment) project is a joint effort between the French Proteomics Infrastructure (ProFI) and the French Bioinformatics Institute (IFB). Its primary aim is to centrally provide the proteomics community with an online research service enabling biologists/clinicians without programming expertise to annotate and to explore their proteomics data through the Web in a reproducible manner. ProteoREis built upon the Galaxy framework, a well-maintained software platform, providing simple interfaces to tools and online access to computational resources in a collaborative and transparent way. The development of ProteoRE may involve corrective or evolutionary maintenance or testing and a helpdesk will be set up. Finally, a thematic school and tutorials will be proposed for end-users training purposes. 

Public release of the ProteoRE infrastructure is scheduled for January 2018 ( registered); ProteoRE's tools have been deposited in Galaxy toolshed and are already available here :

For more information and/or account registration, please send an e-mail to: 

Project manager:

Please, see below (part of) the ProteoRE poster presented at the HUPO 2017 congress: 

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