Référentiel des outils installés sur la plateforme Migale

La liste des packages R installés sur la plateforme Migale est disponible ici.

BLAST Parser (version 1.1.6. - 2018-04-17)
This is a Perl script for parsing BLAST output and converting it into a more compact form. The parser was tested with the default pairwise output format (-outfmt 0) of blastn, blastx and tblastx from BLAST+ 2.2.25 package, and should probably work with any other version.
Usage : #blast_parser.pl blastparsed.txt

blat (version 34 - 2008-01-11)
BLAT is a DNA/Protein Sequence Analysis program written by Jim Kent at UCSC. It is designed to quickly find sequences of 95% and greater similarity of length 40 bases or more. It may miss more divergent or shorter sequence alignments. It will find perfect sequence matches of 33 bases, and sometimes find them down to 22 bases. BLAT on proteins finds sequences of 80% and greater similarity of length 20 amino acids or more. In practice DNA BLAT works well on primates, and protein blat on land vertebrates.
Usage : #blat

bowtie (version - 2017-11-06)
Bowtie is an ultrafast, memory-efficient short read aligner. It aligns short DNA sequences (reads) to the human genome at a rate of over 25 million 35-bp reads per hour. Bowtie indexes the genome with a Burrows-Wheeler index to keep its memory footprint small: typically about 2.2 GB for the human genome (2.9 GB for paired-end).
Usage : #bowtie --help

bowtie2 (version 2.2.5 - 2015-04-07)
Bowtie 2 is an ultrafast and memory-efficient tool for aligning sequencing reads to long reference sequences. It is particularly good at aligning reads of about 50 up to 100s or 1,000s of characters, and particularly good at aligning to relatively long (e.g. mammalian) genomes. Bowtie 2 indexes the genome with an FM Index to keep its memory footprint small: for the human genome, its memory footprint is typically around 3.2 GB. Bowtie 2 supports gapped, local, and paired-end alignment modes.
Usage : #bowtie2 [options]* -x {-1 -2 | -U } [-S ]

breakdancer (version 1.4.5 - 2015-03-06)
BreakDancerMax predicts five types of structural variants: insertions, deletions, inversions, inter- and intra-chromosomal translocations from next-generation short paired-end sequencing reads using read pairs that are mapped with unexpected separation distances or orientation.
Usage : #Usage: breakdancer-max

bsmap (version 2.90 - 2015-03-17)
BSMAP is a short reads mapping software for bisulfite sequencing reads. Bisulfite treatment converts unmethylated Cytosines into Uracils (sequenced as Thymine) and leave methylated Cytosines unchanged, hence provides a way to study DNA cytosine methylation at single nucleotide resolution. BSMAP aligns the Ts in the reads to both Cs and Ts in the reference.
Remarque : Citation: Xi Y, Li W: BSMAP: whole genome Bisulfite Sequence MAPping program. BMC Bioinformatics (2009) 10:232.
Usage : #bsmap

BUSCO (version tous les 2 ans - 2017-11-08)
BUSCO v3 provides quantitative measures for the assessment of genome assembly, gene set, and transcriptome completeness, based on evolutionarily-informed expectations of gene content from near-universal single-copy orthologs selected from OrthoDB v9. BUSCO assessments are implemented in open-source software, with a large selection of lineage-specific sets of Benchmarking Universal Single-Copy Orthologs. These conserved orthologs are ideal candidates for large-scale phylogenomics studies, and the annotated BUSCO gene models built during genome assessments provide a comprehensive gene predictor training set for use as part of genome annotation pipelines. ## DATASET ##  Est-il également possible d'avoir le dataset "Bacteria set" a dispo svp ? Lien vers le dataset : http://busco.ezlab.org/ Merci par avance. Sam
Documentation : http://busco.ezlab.org/
Usage : #busco_env

BUSCO (version latest - 2019-04-29)
Bonjour, Pourriez vous installer l'outil BUSCO pour verifier la qualité de l'assemblage de mes génomes svp ? Par avance, Merci
Documentation : https://busco.ezlab.org/

buster (version 2.10.3 <2016-12-07> - 2016-12-08)
BUSTER structure refinement package. Includes the refine program for running BUSTER refinement and loads of useful utilities.
Remarque : How to cite use of BUSTER :https://www.globalphasing.com/buster/wiki/index.cgi?BusterCite

bwa (version 0.7.12 - 2015-04-07)
BWA is a fast light-weighted tool that aligns short sequences to a sequence database, such as the human reference genome. By default, BWA finds an alignment within edit distance 2 to the query sequence, except for disallowing gaps close to the end of the query. It can also be tuned to find a fraction of longer gaps at the cost of speed and of more false alignments.
Usage : #bwa [options]


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