Référentiel des packages R installés sur la plateforme Migale

anMC (2018-05-28)
anMC : Computationally efficient method to estimate orthant probabilities of high-dimensional Gaussian vectors.

batchtools (2019-07-23)
As a successor of the packages 'BatchJobs' and 'BatchExperiments', this package provides a parallel implementation of the Map function for high performance computing systems managed by schedulers 'IBM Spectrum LSF' (), 'OpenLava' (), 'Univa Grid Engine'/'Oracle Grid Engine' (), 'Slurm' (), 'TORQUE/PBS' (), or 'Docker Swarm' (). A multicore and socket mode allow the parallelization on a local machines, and multiple machines can be hooked up via SSH to create a makeshift cluster. Moreover, the package provides an abstraction mechanism to define large-scale computer experiments in a well-organized and reproducible way.
Remarque : Fait partie d'un lot de 3 demandes: future, batchtools et future.batchtools.

bbmle (2019-07-31)
Bonjour, j'aurais besoin du package bbmle pour faire du maximum de vraisemblance sur des modèles non linéaires. Merci d'avance!

BiodiversityR (2018-11-29)
Graphical User Interface (via the R-Commander) and utility functions (of- ten based on the vegan package) for statistical analysis of biodiversity and ecological communi- ties, including species accumulation curves, diversity indices, Renyi profiles, GLMs for analy- sis of species abundance and presence-absence, distance matrices, Mantel tests, and cluster, con- strained and unconstrained ordination analysis. A book on biodiversity and community ecol- ogy analysis is available for free download from the website. In 2012, methods for (ensem- ble) suitability modelling and mapping were expanded in the package.

Boruta (2018-03-01)
Wrapper Algorithm for All Relevant Feature Selection An all relevant feature selection wrapper algorithm. It finds relevant features by comparing original attributes' importance with importance achievable at random, estimated using their permuted copies.

C50 (2018-05-23)
C5.0 decision trees and rule-based models for pattern recognition that extend the work of Quinlan (1993, ISBN:1-55860-238-0).

Circstats (2018-09-10)
package permettant d'avoir accès à des distributions circulaires, tels que des "wrapped normal distributions"

circular (2018-09-10)
package permettant de circularisé des mesures par de la trigonométrie

clhs (2018-06-15)
Conditioned Latin hypercube sampling, as published by Minasny and McBratney (2006) . This method proposes to stratify sampling in presence of ancillary data.


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